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C-Section Recovery 

Tight, sore scar? 

Difficulty regaining abdominal tone and strength?

You are not alone. 

According to research, 41% of C-sections result in tissue adhesions forming from the scar. Adhesions are bands of tissue that form between 2 structures, reducing the ability of the tissue layers and organs to slide over one another during movement.

This may result in abdominal pain or pain when exercising or lifting and may cause difficulty activating your abdominal muscles.


Scar massage aims to restore mobility back to the tissues, allow the tissue layers and organs to slide over each other again, and help you better activate your abdominal muscles.


I have been trained in a variety of soft tissue techniques such as myofascial release, instrument-assisted massage, sports massage, and visceral mobilisation, all of which can help improve tissue mobility.

C Section Scar Recovery Postnatal

Don't put up with discomfort; book a C-section recovery package and receive a scar massage treatment and learn essential scar self-care, and exercises to restore abdominal tone and strength. 

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