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Pelvic Floor Recovery 

Postnatal Mother Birth Recovery Vaginal Birth

During a vaginal delivery your pelvic floor can stretch up to 110x its usual length!

A pelvic floor is a group of muscles about the size of your cupped hands, situated at the bottom of your pelvis.


The pelvic floor is involved in breathing, sex, bladder, and bowel control as well as supporting the pelvis, hips, and back.


During a vaginal delivery they stretch up to 110x their usual length, and during pregnancy are under increased pressure due to the weight of the baby.

Often women know they need to be strengthening their pelvic floor after birth. When done correctly pelvic floor exercises are effective in improving pelvic floor function and any associated symptoms. In cases where it isn’t working there could be a few reasons.

Research shows that often women are not activating their pelvic floor effectively when they think they are. In some cases the pelvic floor is not functioning because it is too tight as opposed to too weak, sometimes pain and scar tissue can affect the ability to contract the pelvic floor and sometimes the pelvic floor might be strong but it is not working in coordination with the rest of the body.

A Mummy MOT includes an internal assessment of the Pelvic floor, the only way to be truly sure how strong and effectively the pelvic floor is working. After which your pelvic floor recovery plan is made which will include an exercise program and hands-on treatment as appropriate such as pelvic floor muscle release.

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