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Somatic Experiencing

I have recently completed 3 years of training in Somatic Experiencing (SE).

Somatic Experiencing, developed by Dr Peter Levine, is a body orientated approach to relieve the physical, psychological, emotional and physiological effects of acute and chronic stress and trauma.  

Unlike talking therapy it works by exploring the physical sensations, nervous system state and arrested movements in the body linked to a difficult experience. By focusing on the body, and physical sensation we work to restore more capacity, flexibility and connection.


Somatic therapy techniques include:

Developing more awareness of the body and its sensations

Alternating focus between something stressful and something not stressful to help release tension

Grounding and movement

Self calming tools 

Emotional release

Strengthening boundaries

Somatic techniques can be used to improve body awareness and movement. It is especially useful when a client’s physical problem has been caused by a traumatic incident such as childbirth, a car accident or surgery.

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